Devin Gold Exploration

Cariboo Series


Cariboo Series 10 x 48 Side Tip Longtom



-Vortex Plate: 1/2”x 10”x 48” T6 6061 aluminum


-Side Rails: 1/8”x 3” T6 6061 aluminum


-Stainless Steel: 20 gauge 304 stainless steel


-Material Handling Capacity: 3.25 yd3/hr. @ 1/2” minus / .4 yd3/hr. concentrate


-Water Requirements: 40/60 IGPM


-Operation Angle: 5 - 15 degrees


-Stand: 1” and 1-1/4”: 304 stainless steel square tubing

-Clean-up procedure: Tip sideways and wash into trough for further processing.

The Cariboo Series is our mid size standard production model. Designed for mid sized operations, the Cariboo Series can hold 40 ounces of gold at a time (depending on fineness). The Cariboo series can process a moderate amount of material in a very short time, cutting down on clean-up time as well as greatly decreasing the amount of material needing further processing.

With the side tip longtom further cleaning is done in the trough,were with a little practice you can achieve a very clean final product.