These urethane rubber mats are designed and made to offer an alternative to those people who already have a highbanker, sluice or washplant and want to use the vortex drop riffle system. Made from a very strong and durable urethane rubber, they have very high impact and abrasion resistance yet flexible enough they can be easily installed and removed. During manufacturing UV stabilizer is added to give them maximum UV protection but like any rubber product, leaving them sitting out in direct sunlight should be avoided to ensure maximum life. Available in standard sizes of 6x36x3/8 inches,7x36x3/8 inches, 8x36x3/8 inches, 10x36x3/8 inches, 12x36x3/8 inches and Gold Cube Mats. These are great replacement mats for existing highbankers and sluices or for the person looking to make their own unit. The 3x36 mini sluice is now made from a ridged rubber to make it more self supporting.

Please note that the color of the rubber products may be  Blue or Green


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